Alase in the Season of the Runelords:

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Call of the Runelord

Season of the Runelords: Introduction

Tonbarse told me to

Tonbarse told me to start writing, so here I am. I’m not sure this is the best use of my time, but he insists. I mean, my father did record his early adventures with Tonbarse, so I suppose it’s tradition. And tradition is pretty much all the Widowknife clan has these days. Well, aside from Tonbarse and me. And pretty much all the Widowknife name has now is tradition. Well, aside from Tonbarse and me.

This whole quest was his idea too. He said he saw a future where I return from a sacred quest and return to Sarkorsis a great hero, in the proud tradition of my father, and so on and so forth. I can’t see the visions he sees, but I know enough to trust him. Perhaps in time I will be able to see through his eyes, like father could.

But although Tonbarse chose the time, I chose the destination. We’re setting out to Varisia. It’s close enough to get to, but far enough away that we can leave these demon-infested lands behind for a time. There are also rumors spreading that one of the Runelords of long ago rose up there. Supposedly the Runelord was defeated, but his minions are still at large, and local heroes are hunting them. Sounds like a good place to learn some things, pick up some new spells, maybe acquire some magical artifacts.

It’s going to be a long trip, since I can’t ride Tonbarse. Our bond is just not strong enough yet for me to maintain our connection active all the time. That’s another thing I hope to improve on this journey. I’ll write down anything I learn.

For now though, I’m going to visit some of the local paladin’s base camps. They’re all about helping people… hopefully I can convince some of them to escort a poor defenseless girl to safety in the West. Or at least I always ‘borrow’ one of their horses.

Don’t you have to pass some sort of test to become a paladin or something?

met gaston and horse… tonbarse dislike? mention reaction to him was looking for a paladin but lol

don’t like to keep Tonbarse around in hiding tonbarse, will write anything interesting

setting out/halfway there/starting journaling (magically?) to preserve widowknife legacy, and to map out progress exploring world since stymied in worldwound, seeking power, allies, possible clan-mates explain abilities, tonbarse btw shy about openly, so covert runelord of whatever met imrijka and amli

next section intro: entered varisia headed to sandpoint goals at sandpoint, mountain lair etc

  Alase in the Season of the Runelords:

Introduction | Adventure 1 | Adventure 2